Perfect Knurling Program Download


I don't do knurling very often, so I forget the diameters necessary to cut perfect knurls with my knurling tools. The ideal diameter gives an integer number of pitches of the raised cutter teeth on your wheel. This little program retains the diameter of your wheel in an .ini file and the number of cutting teeth, so can give you the nearest diameter to the target diameter you specify that will give perfect knurling.

Download the Perfect Knurling Program. (189 kb)

The program is a Windows program, and is known to run on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP. It probably works on Vista and Windows 7, though I haven't tried it. The program is a single file .exe file and writes a windows .ini file in the directory you put the program into. The Borland C++ Builder 4 source code is included so that you can check for yourself that the program does nothing unpleasant to your computer.

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