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I have only recently started using a CNC machine and want to use it for making pens. A significant problem with pen making is the absurd range of threads you need. So it struck me that a single point cutter could be used to cut a multiplicity of threads. Having got the cutter I needed a way of programming the cnc machine to do what I wanted. The macro's in 'Mach 3' cannot cope with a particular start angle & I was left looking for other programs. In the end it proved easier to write one myself.

The thread above is an M11.5 x 1, 4 start, so the pitch on each helix is 4mm.

There are two programs, one for internal & one for external thread milling. Both are for right hand threads in the XY plane only. Both programs, a readme file and source code are included in the zip file. I have used the programs (see the image above), and they create threads that match with each other, however I have not yet used them to fit existing threads elsewhere.

Download the CNC Thread Milling G Code Programs. (537 kb)

The programs are a Windows programs, and are known to run on Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit versions). They should work in any 32 bit windows operating system. Each program is a single file .exe file and writes a windows .ini file in the directory you put the programs into. The Borland C++ Builder 4 source code is included so that you can check for yourself that the program does nothing unpleasant to your computer.

Update History

12 January 2018: Internal thread milling changed to give option of the original milling style. This enables the use of ordinary taps to be used as the milling cutter.

16 Febuary 2016: Internal thread milling changed to climb milling. Also added the optional capability to specify the class of fit for the thread. On internal threads this does not actually alter anything except the tapping hole diameter. Output comments slightly changed.

10 January 2014: Internal Thread milling updated to include 4 types of incremental thread milling options. 'Print G Code' option added to both programs.

9 January 2014: External Thread Milling. I have added 4 types of incremental milling options and the option to avoid creating G90.1 or G91.1 codes - for older controllers. Added a 'Status Bar' to view Menu Item hints, and added as many hints as I can.

29 October 2013: I have corrected a rounding error that could sometimes make the CNC machine create one too many turns on the thread.

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