Commission a Pen from Chestnut Pens

It is possible to commission Chestnut Pens to make a pen just for you.

You will need to let Chestnut Pens know the following information:

Type of pen (eg Ballpoint, Rollerball, Pencil or Kit/Custom Fountain Pen.)

If the pen is a kit pen, let Chestnut Pens know the following:

The style of Kit Pen (eg 'Cigar', 'Slimline', 'Twist' etc.)
The furniture colour (eg 'Gold Plate', 'Chrome', 'Titanium Black' etc.)
Overall colour of decorative material. Please note: Chestnut Pens cannot turn wooden pen blanks as we do not have the correct tooling. We will get back to you with currently available alternative materials in the correct part of the colour spectrum. Prices: provided you don't want something particularly exotic, prices will be similar to equivalent kit pens shown in the 'For Sale' section.

If you want a Custom Fountain Pen, then Chestnut pens will need to know more information, some of which is outlined below:

Nib Material (Steel or 14k Gold)
Nib colour (Silver coloured, Duotone or All Gold coloured)
Nib size (Fine, Medium, Broad or Custom ground - please give details)
The general pen style.
The material you want it manufactured from.
The type of clip.

We can then discuss the details of your commission, and Chestnut Pens will create some initial engineering drawings of your custom fountain pen for your approval prior to the start of manufacture. Prices for custom fountain pens will be dependant on exactly what you want, but will be in the region of 125 for a steel nibbed pen and 200 for a gold nibbed pen. Custom grinding of the nib will be done by a specialist, at extra cost. There will be around a 25 discount for clipless pens. If you want a section the same colour as the rest of the pen, that will take me an extra hour of machining at the least, so I will ask for 5 extra for this option.

The lead time on kit pens is about 2 weeks. For custom fountain pens it can be somewhat longer due to the complexities of the design process and the number of parts that must be obtained from various sources.