Sextant CAD Drawings

The sextant was all drawn in 2D on CAD. The full drawing is as below:-

If you have a CAD package, I would suggest that you download the DXF drawing from here (562 kb).

If you have AutoCAD R14/LT95 or above, download the AutoCAD R14 Drawing from here (491 kb).

The AutoCAD drawing is in R14 format, however if you use R14/LT95 you will miss out on the tabbed layouts which have a 1:1 plot of each part on an A4 sheet for your (and my) convenience. It's best to use AutoCAD 2000 or higher if you have access to it.

The CAD drawing makes the design a good deal clearer, and will enable you to plot out many of the parts at 1:1 scale on your printer. This will make some of the machining MUCH easier if it's printed onto sticky backed paper, which is then stuck to the brass.

A pdf file of the build instructions is here (2843 kb).

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