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Here is a list of the downloads that you may find of interest. Most of the downloads are programs, which I have written for my own use, but feel they may be useful to the wider community - I have benefited so much from the internet that these programs are my effort to give something back. More recent programs relate to the generation of CNC toolpath files and 3D figure modelling, but they are not the only ones. There are two programs I am incredibly pleased with - the 3D Modelling Studio and 'BlendThreads' my cross stitch chart making program. The modeller has been gradually improved and expanded since I started it in 2004. The Cross stitch program, well, it's one of the most capable conversion programs you'll find, commercial or free. It allows probably the most control over the conversion of any program and treats blended (tweeded) threads as if they are a natural extension of the plain threads.

Do take a look at the 'Bolt Group Analysis' program. The probability is, you'll never come across another program with this capability. It's an industrial grade program that has been used for aircraft, houses, boxes and vehicles.

A Program to Calculate Bolt Stresses and Reserve Factors

A Program to Simulate Diffusion Limited Accretion

A Program to Generate a Wavefront (OBJ) Terrain from a Height Map
Height Map

A Program to Convert from Stereo Lithography (STL) to Wavefront (OBJ) formats

A Program to Convert from Wavefront (OBJ) to Stereo Lithography (STL) formats

G Code Generator Program to easily create standard tapers on a CNC Lathe
CNC Taper

G Code Generator Program to easily create cylinders on a CNC Lathe
CNC Cylinder

Source Code for C++ Builder to add the ability to save Version 1.3 PDF files from within any C++ Builder program.
PDF Object Source Code

Halftone Image G Code Creator. A little program to create a simulation of a halftone image with a CNC machine tool.
Halftone Image Creator

Cross Stitch Chart Creation Program, Create a Cross Stitch Chart from an image.
Cross Stitch Chart

Depth Mill Program to create Low Relief pictures wrapped around a cylinder from a depth map.
Depth Milling

G Code Profile Utility Program for 2D CNC toolpaths to be turned into solids of revolution.
G Code Profile

G Code Wrapper for CNC toolpaths to be wrapped over cylindrical surfaces.
G Code Wrapper

G Code Arcs to Lines conversion utility.
GCode Arcs to Lines

CNC Milling of Lithophanes

Single or multi-start internal & external thread milling G code generators for CNC machines.
CNC Threads

3D Modelling Studio, make 3D computer models and finite element models from scratch.

Full Navigation Sextant - CAD Drawings and instructions on how to make a GPS that runs without Electricity!

CAD Drawings and instructions for 'Rime', a cheap and easy to make dingy.
'Rime' Dingy

Download the Sundial Design Program for your exact location.

Perfect Knurling every time...
Perfect Knurling

Spherical Turning without special tools
Spherical Turning

DXF File Z axis deletion, to remove spurious depth from a 2D drawing.

HPGL to DXF Translation Program, a rarity - it's free & not time limited.

3D Bolt Group Analysis program, for calculating the loads in bolts when in groups.
Bolt Group Program

3D Plate Development program, for producing the flat pattern from a curved plate.
Plate Development Program

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